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The Welding Wire is a free informational website created by Berge Robotics. It will get you wired in to the most cutting-edge, relevant and practical information available about robotics and automation, and the application of these tools to welding, cutting, and other industrial processes. Don’t forget to bookmark us since we are updating the content constantly.

The best way to begin is to browse the “Categories” to the left. This will direct you to the specific topic you’re most interested in today, but all the articles on this site are written with the specific goal of timelessness – information that will help you whether you’re a beginner with no clue how to begin implementing robots, or you’ve got years of experience installing and using industrial robotics.

If you want to a chronological listing of all our articles, the BLOG page to the left is the way to start.

We focus especially on the successful implementation and optimum utilization of robotics and technology in the manufacturing environment. We believe in robots, and we passionately believe that robotic technology makes manufacturing companies more competitive and provides many benefits over manual labor:

  • Robots provide more jobs
  • They provide higher paying jobs
  • They make our jobs safer
  • They greatly improve working conditions
  • They reduce employee exposure to dangerous fumes, backbreaking lifting, and repetitive stress injuries
  • They work much faster and more accurately than humans
  • Robots rarely call in sick
  • Robots are cool

The robot industry is still relatively young, and to many companies still a new and sometimes intimidating technology. Even companies that have had robotic technology for years sometimes make some surprisingly unproductive decisions. The good news is, we’re here to help.

Fundamentals of Robotic Welding – Part 1 can help you begin building a foundation for success.

Spend some time here looking around, and please feel free to give feedback about anything and everything. This site is here to serve you and to provide the most relevant and timely information possible to help you in your journey toward success with robotics and automation. All of the information in this website is free and is copyrighted by the owner Jim Berge. Feel free to download the pdf versions of the articles but please leave the credits and copyright information intact. And thanks for visiting!

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